Feng Chia University, Hsin-Chien, Wang

21 May 2017

#3 – Ethical

Alice buys an autonomous vehicle from Bob, who sells them. The autonomous vehicle has different settings, some more aggressive (where the autonomous vehicle drives faster and brakes harder), and some less. Alice sets the autonomous vehicle to its most aggressive setting. One night on a dark and wet road, Alice hits a pedestrian, Carlos, who was jaywalking. Carlos is badly hurt.

In this situation, we could have three simple assumptions:
1. If the right of way only for autonomous vehicles, the responsible for Carlos’ injuries are definitely himself, because the way he acted had made himself badly hurt, and we could consider his behavior as the incidence of suicide.

2. If the right of way for pedestrians and non-autonomous vehicles, and also forbidded drivers switch on auto-pilot mode, the manufacturers or the owners would have responsibility for this accident. Then we could focus on who took the autonomous vehicle in this road, the autonomous vehicle system or the driver.

3. If the right of way wasn’t clearly enough, the regulators might have the responsibility for this accident. Because of the unclearly traffic rules reducing the alertness of drivers and pedestrians.

Due to autonomous vehicles getting ready to drive on road, suitable transportation regulation measures, safety education and related propaganda need to be established, especially for dealing with shared right of way as well as for the confrontations that occur at intersections. Right-of-way rules help autonomous vehicles drive safely. These rules go along with courtesy and common sense. Autonomous vehicles, non-autonomous vehicles, and pedestrians must follow these rules, too. And also, the manufacturers and autonomous vehicles owners must understand how would the autonomous vehicle work when the emergency situation were happened.

“When the great way prevails, the world community is equally shared by all.”-THE CHAPTER OF GREAT HARMONY

Author: wangznpb

CDIO pre-assignment

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