Feng Chia University, Hsin-Chien, Wang

11 June 2017

#6 – Social

I have interviewed above 10 people and almost up to 20 people through the net. They are my classmates, family and friends around the world, which not only live in the same country(Taiwan) with me but also live in Canada, China, Hong Kong and United State, and their ages range from 16 to 30.


Would you be interested in having an autonomous vehicle?

Do you drive a vehicle?

  Yes No




No 8


(Total interviewer: 19 people)

Take a view at the result we can find that people who do not drive vehicles seldom uninteresting in autonomous vehicles. We also discovered that people who are disability to drive vehicles really eager to own the freedom of transportation in individual way. And also, there are more people who drive vehicles would interesting in having an autonomous vehicle, mostly because they think autonomous vehicles can make driving much more easier. Secondly, some of them think they can make good use of time if they don’t need to spend time on driving and it might brings convenience to human. People don’t have any interesting in having an autonomous vehicle whether they could drive vehicles or not think vehicles should represent the person whose driving and it is too dangerous to get on vehicles which are unable control by human and it seems like autonomous vehicles are easy to be hacked after watching “fast and furious 8”. But their is also a person said that when he is disability to control any vehicles he would try to rely on it.

This is the most interesting pre-assignments over the weeks, through the interviews we can find out what impression did autonomous vehicles have made in everyone’s mind. I ride my scooter everyday to school, because scooter is the most convenient way to go anywhere in my city(Taiwan, Taichung). And I would be interesting if I have a chance having an autonomous vehicle, because of the bad weather like instant heavy rain in this season, I think autonomous vehicles could solve traffic jam and parking problem in the city and reduce the traffic accidents happening.

Author: wangznpb

CDIO pre-assignment

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